Audio Bunny

Audio Equipment repair

I Irepair all types of audio equipment, from home HiFi systems and separates of any age to studio equipment and guitar equipment, solid state or valve. I Also sell re-furbished Guitar amps and combo's.

I have a passion for equipment that is used in the reproduction of sound. I am able to repair a wide range of different types of equipment from guitar amp head's and combo's to music studio equipment such as mixing desks and outboard eq's. Powered monitors and power amps. In fact anything that passes audio is repairable by me. I am also happy to tackle digital equipment.

To be honest, I cant think of a better job for a guitarist and bassist than get the opportunity to play with other peoples equipment, bit like having your own music shop !

I have a passion for the glowing delights that are valves so am always happy when I get my hands on some valve equipment.

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